Saturday, February 6, 2010

A week ago yesterday, Lance had surgery to repair a hernia in his tummy. It was an outpatient procedure, but it knocked him pretty flat for a bit there. This was my first experience with a surgery center (as opposed to a hospital), and they cranked him in and out of there pretty darn quick. We got there at 7:00, they took him back at 9:20, and we were home by 1:45. I have pictures from the surgery… but I’m figuring those wouldn’t be super popular if I posted them on here. He apparently tried to get up out of bed as he was coming out from under anesthesia, so several nurses had to hold him down… and the process of him trying to get up caused his stomach to hurt, so they gave him Demerol (or however you spell that), which then made him nauseated, so they gave him Phenegren (or however you spell THAT). Anyway, he was SUPER sleepy for the rest of the day. He fell asleep WHILE I was talking on 5 separate occasions… but he also fell asleep while HE was talking a couple of times, so I guess I can’t be too upset.

He slept a lot Friday (read: ALL DAY) and then rested Saturday and Sunday. I went back to work Monday, but he stayed home and rested some more. By Tuesday, he’d return to work and stopped taking the Hydrocodone, and he’s been doing really well the rest of the week. He’s a bit more easily tired, but even that is getting better.

I have basically spent every waking moment away from work taking care of him, doing housework, or organizing our taxes. I've been feeling a bit stressed/frazzled/overwhelmed by all that I need to do, so I am ready to actually accomplish some of those things and stop worrying about them. I did actually make it to my parents' house and do our taxes today... so I guess I should heave a big sigh of relief. (We're getting money back! HOORAY!)

Some good things: We found a really good sale on the Flip HD camera we’ve been eyeing, so Lance purchased that little beauty yesterday. We booked our flight from Paris to Rome a couple nights ago, so all the big things are done – transatlantic flights purchased, hotel booked and paid for, and intracontinental flight purchased. I have lots of tours and passes to book and buy… but those are much smaller in the grand scheme of planning the trip. Oh, also, my Chi went out (tragedy!), so I ordered a new one less than a week ago, and it arrived a couple of nights ago! (I would love to tell you that my hair looks fabulous and straight the next day… but I was lazy and haven’t even opened the box. Instead, my hair ended up in some weird messy-bun thing that I hoped was cute enough that people wouldn't notice that I didn’t fix my hair.)

Oh, also, I’ve lost about 5 pounds… but I seem to have stalled here. Maybe I will just learn to be friends with those last 2 pounds. They seem to like me a lot…

One final story. I’ve talked quite a bit about how much I love kids and how kids love me and how excited I am to be a mommy someday (still not pregnant. Don’t get ahead of me.). Well, Monday night at Bunko, my friend Brittany was there with her 3-month-old, and her baby was crying to be held while Brittany tried to eat. I offered to hold her while Brittany ate, and she not only stopped crying… she stayed calm and content in my arms for an hour and a half – all the way through Bunko. My Bunko-mates called me the baby whisperer. I love it. Baby love warms my heart.