Monday, December 28, 2009

Oopsie daisy...

Wow… over a month. That may be the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging. Since November 25th, I have (in roughly chronological order):

-Attended the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game
-Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and Lance’s family
-Braved the Black Friday crowds to do some shopping
-Put up my Christmas tree/decorations
-Went to the firm Christmas party and won a $100 DSW gift card
-Shopped with one of my friends from work (first outside-of-work thing with a work friend)
-Helped hostess a baby shower (and held Levi while he took a sweet little nap in my arms)
-Hosted Bunko at my house
-Had dinner with a friend that I hadn’t seen in months
-Attended a junior high Christmas party
-Took a day off work to do all my Christmas shopping (and yes, dragged Lance along too)
-Went to a friend’s graduation party (for his masters)
-Made 8 batches of fudge
-Went to the Legacy staff Christmas party
-Wrapped every single gift under our tree… except for the 3 Lance wrapped on Christmas Eve (Yes, I did indeed wrap many gifts for myself.)
-Attended the Legacy Family Christmas program (while Lance went to a Cowboys game)
-Participated in Secret Santa at work
-Bought a Snuggie for my Secret Santa person (it was on her list!)
-Attended the UT/UNC basketball game at Cowboys Stadium
-Planned/hosted the young marrieds Christmas party
-Purchased a DSLR camera (waiting for it to be shipped…)
-Had a white Christmas!
-Watched It’s a Wonderful Life with Lance (it was the first time he’d ever seen it!)
-Celebrated Christmas with my family and Lance’s family
-Saw Avatar in 3D on Christmas Day
-Purchased next year’s Christmas necessities (boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, bowls to send fudge to Lance’s office, etc.) the day after Christmas… and let me tell you – the Christmas spirit ends at midnight on Christmas night. Walmart was full of Negative Nancies that morning!
-Played with the day-old puppies Lance’s brother’s dog had on Christmas morning
-Came down with some kind of ugly allergy/sinus/cold thing that I am not enjoying in the least
-Returned to work after a splendid 4-day weekend

I am incredibly sad that Christmas is over… but I had a wonderful holiday and am so thankful for all of my precious friends and family. I just feel like I have so many things to be thankful for! Anyway, sorry for the blogging hiatus, but it has been a very busy time! Hopefully I will do better soon…

I guess I could make it a new year’s resolution… but I always fail at those…