Monday, August 29, 2011


We had a fabulous time celebrating our 5th anniversary as well as both of our birthdays in Vegas! We saw three wonderful shows, ate all kinds of food, and just had a blast hanging out with each other. A few of my favies (before each of our three shows):

It's kind of fun that Baby P is hiding out in these pictures... like a teeny tiny Where's Waldo. I mean, at this point, there wasn't even a bump... but it's fun when you look back and know the bump's on its way. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back and better than ever

Admittedly, six months is enough for anyone to give up on ever reading my blog.

It’s been quite a six months.

We started off this year pretty rough. We suffered a loss, we owed a lot of money to the IRS during tax season, I found out that I had some health issues that had to be resolved asap… Basically, it was a very hard time for us. I cried a lot, honestly. I wrestled with the Lord. To be fair, things weren’t all bad—I have a wonderful husband, loving family, and supportive friends that walked through all of it with me. We even took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our 5th anniversary during June, and that was wonderful.

And here we are six months after my most recent post: our hearts have healed, our bank accounts have recovered, my health issues have been 100% taken care of, and we are closer than ever.

And we’re expecting!

And that’s the best news of all.

We found out about Baby P’s existence the morning we left for Vegas (yikes). Thankfully, I felt good throughout our trip (overly emotional though—I cried during the Bellagio fountain shows. What the what??). I had blood work and a sonogram done a couple weeks later, and we got to see our little blobbie with a little heart flicker. And I bawled my stinking eyes out on the table in the sonogram suite. Poor ultrasound lady. Everything is looking really good. I’m at about 12 ½ weeks right now, and we just started sharing our news with people other than family.

Yes, I have felt icky—nausea pretty much all the time, major fatigue, other lovely symptoms. However, everything looks great, so I will take every moment of feeling bad. Totally worth it.

As always, I'm so thankful for God's faithfulness.... and excited about this new journey!